Local 151: Ramsey County Community Human Services

General Membership Minutes June 2015

Thursday, June 11, 2015
Ramsey County Government Center East
12:00pm-12:45pm, 9600 A/D
i. Call to Order:
ii. Acceptance of minutes from last meeting:
iii. Additions to agenda/acceptance of agenda:
iv. Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer
v. Grievance Report: Chief Stewards
vi. Old Business: Legislation re Child Protection- updates from Business Agent
vii. New Business:
viii. Committee Reports:
a. Trades and Labor:
b. Health and Safety (Suzanne Kocurek):
c. Member Education and Outreach (Becky Montgomery) :
d. Labor/Management Committee:
e. Health Insurance Committee (Linda Oeltjenbruns):
f. Training Committee (Chief Stewards):
g. Ramsey County Policy Committee (Suzanne Kocurek, Terry Havican)
ix. Business Agent Update:
x. Come to the meeting: Enter the $10 Attendance Drawing .
xi. Adjourn


Thursday, June 11, 2015
Ramsey County Government Center East
12:00pm-12:45pm, 9600 A/D

* Motion made, seconded, and approved to donate $300 to Mr. Ortega's re-elect
i. Call to Order: Meeting was called to order at 12:02 PM
ii. Acceptance of minutes from last meeting. Minutes from May 14 were accepted
iii. Additions to agenda/acceptance of agenda. Added contract printing to Old Business; removed Outreach budget from New Business
iv. Treasurer’s Report: None provided. Secretary Malkis will check that all documents are available to let the new treasurer have access to the accounts.
v. Grievance Report: Chief Stewards. Things have slowed down a lot. Management changed dates for grievances without informing anyone at least twice. This could be grieved, especially if it results in missing a deadline. Management claims it has notified the local. Management has not scheduled the meeting to discuss grievance issues as agreed at negotiations. Will try to have a Stewards meeting by end of June to discuss the list and give our field representative the files.
vi. Old Business:
a. CP legislation update: Jeff is meeting with Julie Kleinschmidt today to discuss how Ramsey County will spend the funds appropriated. He will meet with the commissioners if necessary.
b. Contract Printing: WFS wants to verify the contract language. Jeff Dains will bring copies tomorrow. WFS and LPN contracts are not on line, only the main CHS contract. After that it will be printed. Assumed cost same as last time. Secretary Malkis will check to see if funds for printing contracts were approved and authorized. Jeff Dains will get an estimate from the Council for printing and binding.
c. Audit report – The Trustees submitted an audit report, presented by Pres. Chaffin (see attached). No problems were reported for the period ending March 31, 2015?
vii. New Business:
a. Request for donations: Commissioner Reinhart is holding a fundraiser Tuesday June 23rd at Mancini's from 5- 7 PM with a cash bar. Moved, seconded and approved to donate the maximum allowed under law for a non-election year.
b. New Employee Orientation: Stewards reported that new employees complained of strong arm tactics and offensive language by some union members doing the all-County orientation. Some new employees felt threatened. Our local 151 new member luncheon was successful.
viii. Committee Reports:
a. Trades and Labor: No report.
b. Health Insurance: regular summer meetings have been scheduled. Recommendations are due for the Board in September. Same carriers for the Disability and Dental contracts. Discussions of medical insurance will commence. Lots of options have been presented. Management wants to shift more costs to employees rather than look at bigger changes. Some locals want us to consider self-insurance. Peter Brenner, a labor economist, will present a forum on self-insurance and out Health Insurance committee will be invited.
c. Member Education & Outreach – No report
d. Training Committee (Chief Stewards): Lots of people have expressed interest in the next Union 101 training scheduled for Tuesday, July 14th. May consider having another session at Bigelow in the future.
e. Labor Management: Met last week – the July meeting was canceled. Sparse meeting – not many attended. Discussed FAS workloads. A statewide audit showed RC has the highest caseloads in the state. Management agreed that they wanted to lower caseloads. Discussed CP caseloads – less sympathy from management. Parking also discussed.
ix. Field Representative Update: Jeff Dains reported that the supreme Court is considering a case that might eliminate the requirement that non-members pay a fair share fee. Anticipated that this will be on the docket for October – June 2016. Could be a 5-4 decision against the unions. We want to sign up as many full members as possible before this decision.

x. Adjourned at 1:00 PM

Minutes provided by Allan Malkis



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