Local 151: Ramsey County Community Human Services

General Membership Minutes 9 August 2012

Thursday August 9, 2012
Ramsey County Government Center East
12:00 Noon Room 9600 A & D
i. Call to Order. President Steve Hildebrandt called the meeting to order at 12:05pm. Eboard members Steve Hildebrandt, Dawn Flores, Ken Franco-Hernandez, Frank Sanchez, Leann Reher, Raberta Rankin, Terry Havican and Linda Oeltjenbruns present for meeting.
ii. Acceptance of minutes from last meeting. Minutes from last general membership meeting (held 7/12/12) were approved by the general membership.
iii. Treasurer’s Report: Ken Franco-Hernandez . Ken presented highlights from treasurer’s report; see report attached. For comprehensive and detail information on the local’s finances please contact Ken at ramseycountylocal151@gmail.com.
iv. Grievance Report: Terry Havican, Dawn Flores, Raberta Rankin. Stewards continue to be busy with grievances. We have current vacant spots for stewards; members interested in becoming stewards should contact any of the Chief Stewards or an Eboard officer for more information.
v. Business Agent Update . Chris Cowen reported on his current political assignment. Council 5 is doing phone banking and door knocking for upcoming primaries; focus right now is on county commissioner Tony Bennett’s reelection campaign; his opponent is Bob Fletcher. Council 5 will also be doing phone banking to promote labor-endorsed candidates for the state legislator. Treasurer Ken Franco has a copy of Chris’s political schedule with dates for phone banking, door knocking and other political activity. Please contact Ken at ramseycountylocal151@gmail.com if you would like a copy of this calendar or would like to volunteer. Business Agent Jeff Dains reported that the subcommittee of the state legislator meets to vote on the state employee’s contract; the state employees have come to a tentative agreement but need the agreement ratified by the subcommittee of the legislator, similar to how the county board ratifies AFSCME’s contract after members vote to accept it. The subcommittee has indicated they will vote “no” on this contract despite the tentative agreement already reached by state employees. Council 5 is organizing people to be at the Capital, outside the subcommittee meeting the day of this vote, August 23, 8:30am, Capital Room 115, to encourage committee members to vote “yes” to the state employee’s
contract. Contact Jeff Dains (651-287-0580) or Chris Cowen (651-287-0531) at Council 5 to participate or receive more information.
vi. Old Business
a. Audit. No update at this time.
b. Eboard Retreat- Motion made, seconded and passed to approve 8 hours of lost time, or up to $800 total, for the trustees to attend the August 15th, 2012 Eboard retreat. Treasurer Ken Franco did note that in calculating lost time cost for retreat he did not factor in travel time to and from the retreat (30 minutes each way). Discussed that this should even out as some eboard members will be on their day off and not take lost time and some eboard members may need to leave the retreat early.
vii. New Business
a. Ken Franco reported that at the recent President’s meeting held at Council 5 Elliot Seide gave a presentation entitled “Let’s Elect a Better Legislator.” Ken thought it was a great presentation, and will be working with our business agent Chris Cowen to schedule a time to show this same presentation to our local 151 members. Watch minutes, emails and bulletin boards for more information. Please contact Ken (ramseycountylocal151@gmail.com) if you would like to volunteer to help coordinate this event; any assistance is welcomed!
b. Phone Banking at Council 5 Offices for Upcoming Elections: See business agent update above; contact Chris Cowen, Jeff Dains, or Steve Hildebrandt to participate.
-AFL-CIO Convention, September 16-18, 2012, Rochester, MN. Motion made, seconded and passed to spend up to $2000 for up to 6 delegates, with priority given to LPN’s, to attend the upcoming AFL-CIO Convention in September in Rochester. Local 151 will cover registration fee, cost of hotel, mileage to and from the convention and per diem for delegates.
-Council 5 Convention, October 4-6, Bloomington, MN. Motion made, seconded and passed to send up to 20 delegates to the AFSCME Council 5 convention in Bloomington, MN on October 4-6. For each delegate sent Local 151 will cover mileage to and from the convention and cost of lunch not to exceed $10 per day for delegates if lunch is not provided as part of the convention. Business Agent Chris Cowen confirmed there is no registration fee for the Council 5 convention.
-Nomination and elections for delegates to both of these conventions will be held on a special meeting of the membership on August 27, 2012, Noon, Room 9600 A/D.
-Notice of special meeting will be mailed to members asap via US Postal Service.
viii.Committee Reports:
a. Trades and Labor. Frank Sanchez and Dawn Flores indicated they would like to attend the Trades and Labor Committee Meetings. Thus far Local 151 has not had any rep attending regularly . Meetings are held the second Wednesdays of each month at 411 Main Street in St. Paul. Caucus is at 5:45, meeting starts approximately 6:30pm. When Frank and Dawn attend the meeting they will check to see who is currently listed as Local 151’s rep and update this information as needed.
b. Health and Safety: Leann Reher reported that work on the roof of 160 E Kellogg is almost finished; when its done the front parking lot will be available again. Leeann will also bring the recent safety incident at Dakota County to the next Health and Safety Committee meeting so the committee can ensure that Ramsey County has a safety plan in place for emergency situations such as the one that occurred at Dakota County.
c. Marriage Amendment. No report.
d. Workers Rights . No report.
e. Labor/Management Committee. No report.
f. Legislative Committee (formerly Social Services Committee). No report.
g. Health Insurance Committee. Linda Oeltjenbruns, Jeff Dains. Health Insurance committee has been meeting and is getting close to the making final decisions on design changes for our medical coverage in 2013. Linda met with eboard prior to health insurance committee meeting on August 1 to review proposed options and get feedback from eboard; overwhelming feedback was that members do not want plan changes that put the costs back on members via copays and deductibles while giving a negligible reduction in premium; other labor reps on committee expressed a similar sentiment at the August 1 meeting. Management has expressed so far that they feel plan changes are needed to avoid long-term costs. The next meeting of the committee is scheduled for August 15th, 2:30-4:30 at Parks and Rec Building. Committee had hoped to finish its work mid-August so that recommendation can go to the county board at the board’s September meeting. Because consensus is getting harder to reach as committee gets towards the final decisions we may or may not make this deadline.
h. Technology Committee.; Linda Oeltjenbruns. First meeting of the technology committee is scheduled for Monday August 13 at noon. Secretary Linda Oeltjenbruns, Treasurer Ken Franco-Hernandez, Vice President Brian Chaffin and trustee Nancy Schultz make up the committee. Committee is expected to be short-term, is not
expected to need a budget or funds of any kind, and has a goal of creating recommendations to the eboard on how the local should manage its electronic information and equipment.
i. Policy Committee: Ken Franco and Becky Meyer were assigned by the eboard to observe and review the Ramsey County Policy Committee in order to make a recommendation about Local 151’s involvement. Becky Meyer has still been unable to get minutes from any of the policy committee meetings that have occurred thus far. Becky and Ken were told by policy committee members that July and now August meetings are BBQ’s, so would not be good ones on which to base a recommendation.
ix. Come to the meeting: Enter the $10 Attendance Drawing. You can’t win if you don’t play and you can’t play if you don’t come to the meeting. Come next month and maybe you’ll be the winner!
x. Adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 1:12pm.
-There is “VOTE NO” Rally at the State Capitol Planned for Sunday, September 9, 2012 , 1-3pm. “Unions will stand in solidarity September 9 to oppose the anti-marriage and voter ID amendments on this November’s ballot. The “We are Minnesota Votes ‘No’ Rally” takes place on the Capitol Grounds from 1-3pm. Council 5 executive director Elliot Seide is among the scheduled speakers.” See http://afscmemn.org/action-update for more information.
-Want your union-related event listed here? Contact Local 151 Secretary Linda Oeltjenbruns (7th floor, East Building) for more information.
-General Membership Meeting of Local 151 meets the SECOND THURSDAY of each month, 12:00-12:45, 9600 A/D, 160 E Kellogg Blvd.
-Eboard of Local 151 meets the THIRD THURSDAY (this is a recent change from meeting the 4th Thursday) of each month from 12:00-12:45, 9600 A/D, 160 E Kellogg Blvd.
-Eboard of Local 151 has an extra meeting as needed on the FIRST TUESDAY of each month, 12:00-12:45, 160 E Kellogg Blvd; Rm TBA prior to each meeting; contact any eboard officer for more info.
-Stewards Meeting for Local 151 is held the FOURTH THURSDAY of each month, 12:00-12:45, 9600 A/D, 160 E. Kellogg Blvd; contact one of the chief stewards for more info.

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