Local 151: Ramsey County Community Human Services

Minutes of January 2016 General Membership Meeting

Thursday, January 14, 2016
Ramsey County Government Center East
12:00pm-12:45pm, 9600 A/D

i. Call to Order: Meeting was called to order by Vice President Oeltjenbruns at 12:05 PM
ii. Acceptance of minutes from last meeting. Minutes from December 2015 were accepted with two corrections. Ted Bowman's name was mis-spelled and Local 8 “resident” should read “President”.
iii. Additions to agenda/acceptance of agenda. Added New Business item related to legislation
iv. Treasurer’s Report: None provided.
v. Grievance Report: No Chief Steward present
vi. Old Business:
a) Child Protection – A well attended meeting with CP workers was held at Community Action on January 13. They are pleased that they are getting more communications form Director Jones. They continue to be concerned about workloads. Although new staff are being hired, workloads are still high and some staff are overextended. We will continue to monitor the org chart to determine if staffing levels are keeping pace with workloads.
b) Memo of Understanding – Management has not responded yet to union suggestions about the MOU regarding staff transferring over from Public Health.
c) New Treasurer – Financial Worker Panhia (Yer Vue) has agreed to become treasurer. Moved, Seconded and Approved.
vii. New Business:
a. Workplace Safety Conference is being sponsored by Council 5 to discuss attacks on workers by patients/clients at various locales in MN. Up to ten staff authorized to attend. Three are known to be going with several more interested. Contact Dawn Flores for more information.
b. Reorganization – Ramsey County has decided to end its contracts with HMO's to process applications for waivered care because of a decline in rates being paid. Instead, those units will now conduct MN Choices assessments. The supervisors and units will remain the same. Workers will be transitioning their caseloads over the next few months. Staff were informed by email January 13 and will discuss at upcoming unit meetings. Dawn Flores & Linda Oeltjenbruns will keep in touch with staff about the changes.
c. Legislation – Ramsey County HR is proposing legislation that would allow RC HR to decide how long to keep a hiring list open. Currently statue requires 6 months for each list. RC management would like it to be shorter at their option. Discussion about what would be best. Management wants Local 151 to state that we are neutral or in favor of the change. Discussion to continue.
viii. Committee Reports:
a. Member Outreach & Education – Events planned for January 25 at 402 university and later in February for Community Action & 1919 University. Council 5 wants locals to ask all members to recommit by signing new cards in preparation for the Friedirchs case decision. Discussed if this is a good strategy. Council 5 has teams of volunteers who will work with local members to conduct sign ups.
b. Health & Safety – May need a new rep since Suzanne Kocurek is on leave. Deb Flies has been asked to step in.
c. Labor Management – No progress on choosing mediators/facilitators to help resolve issues
d. Insurance – Meetings are continuing to ehar about self insurance options. Heard from Hennepin county, will hear soon from Dakota.
ix. Field Representative Update: None

x. Adjourned at 12:55 PM

Note for February Agenda – discuss contributions to county Commissioner campaigns and elections

Minutes provided by Allan Malkis

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