Local 151: Ramsey County Community Human Services

Talking Points - Contacting your Elected Official

MN Secretary of State website to find your legislators by zip code .

Simplest call of all right now to House Representatives:

Hello, my name is __________________ and I live at _____________________. I am a constituent. I am against a cuts only approach to solving the budget deficit. I support the Governor's plan, House File 1231, to tax the rich for a balanced approach to solving the deficit.

The above short-and-simple message is well suited to calls mad in the evening, or on weekends, when you are most likely to be leaving a voice mail. This can be a good option for those strapped for time. Your legislators' staff members are tracking calls for and against the proposals.

For those who hope to have a conversation with their Representative or Senator, here are some conversation templates to get you started. You will feel most prepared if you print it off and personalize it before you make your call. Also, anyone wanting some personal assistance planning/practicing their call can request this from Mary Larson Dennis.

Hi, My name is John Smith and I live in your district. I also work for Ramsey County as an _________________(input job title). I would like to let you know how seriously you will negatively impact the state budget and thus the county budget with the decision you are making relative to Health and Human Services:

We help _______________ clients with _______________ employees assisting them to receive __________________ (service you provide). Currently, the caseload for Fam Case Management is 330; the caseload for Adult Case Management is 700.

Add the other stuff here (you know it if you work in it):

  • adult protection ___________________
  • child protection ___________________
  • CD treatment  ____________________
  • homelessness __________________
  • FAS ___________________________

If you reduce the Health and Human Services budget, the clients I help will not receive the services they need to survive. (Specifics about your services and the problems caused by resource shortages already___________.)

With these cuts, we know staff will be reduced even further. If that happens, I am concerned we will not be able to meet the needs of our clients. And, I have to admit I may consider seeking work elsewhere. I can understand doing more with less, but we're all ready doing that. To be candid, we've been doing more with less for the past 10 years.

If we, the public workers, have to absorb ther entire deficit through pay and benefit cuts, the effect to my family and my co-workers’ families will include: ______________

Example: I'm afraid of an increase in my benefits such as medical and dental insurance. Right now, I am paying nearly $500/mo for my family health adn dental coverage. i am afraid wages will be cut or frozen -- all the while gas and food prices increase. As a middle class citizen, those raises maintain my family while contributing to the economy so we can get out of the recession we are currently floundering to get out of. I would ask you to reconsider your decision relative to my family and the clients I serve.

Last resort: I am disappointed you will not reconsider. Please understand your decision about the budget will impact whether I consider voting for you if you seek re-election. I may consider working with my union and my community to ensure someone more willing to listen to reason is elected for your seat.

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