Local 151: Ramsey County Community Human Services

General Membership Meeting Agenda & Minutes May 2015

Thursday, May 14, 2015
Ramsey County Government Center East
12:00pm-12:45pm, 9600 A/D
i. Call to Order:
ii. Acceptance of minutes from last meeting:
iii. Additions to agenda/acceptance of agenda:
iv. Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer
v. Grievance Report: Chief Stewards
vi. Old Business: IT Consolidation; MOA vote
vii. New Business:
a. Legislation re Child Protection
viii. Committee Reports:
a. Trades and Labor:
b. Health and Safety (Suzanne Kocurek):
c. Member Education and Outreach (Becky Montgomery) :
d. Labor/Management Committee:
e. Health Insurance Committee (Linda Oeltjenbruns):
f. Training Committee (Chief Stewards):
g. Ramsey County Policy Committee (Suzanne Kocurek, Terry Havican)
ix. Business Agent Update:
x. Come to the meeting: Enter the $10 Attendance Drawing .
xi. Adjourn


Thursday, May 14, 2015
Ramsey County Government Center East
12:00pm-12:45pm, 9600 A/D

* Motion made, seconded, and approved to donate $300 to Mr. Ortega's re-elect
i. Call to Order: Meeting was called to order at 12:00PM
ii. Acceptance of minutes from last meeting. Minutes from April 9 were accepted
iii. Additions to agenda/acceptance of agenda. None
iv. Treasurer’s Report: None provided.
v. Grievance Report: Chief Stewards. Request to discuss how things are not approved/taken for arbitration by Council 5 arbitration team and how we can update this process. Note to bring this to E-Board agenda.
vi. Old Business:
a. Election Committee report: Brian Chaffin presented the report from Trustee Susan Keskinen. Report of election committee, all candidates except for one of Chief Steward positions ran unopposed. Election was held between Jim Koepfer and Ester Mitchell and Jim Koepfer won election. All officers are seated and Jim Koepfer remains as chief steward. A complete list of officers is attached. Election report accepted and new E-Board members welcomed.
b. IT Consolidation: The Memorandum of Agreement regarding seniority was approved unanimously.
c. Audit report – The Trustees submitted an audit report, presented by Pres. Chaffin (see attached). No problems were reported for the period ending March 31, 2015?
vii. New Business:
a. CP Legislation – Carried forward, not discussed.
b. Dawn Flores made motion to donate $300 to Mr. Ortega election, motion made, 2nd and passed. Dawn will take to upcoming reception.
c. Discussion on follow up word changes and corrections and final review of contract by Work Force solutions. Steve G. stated that they did not get final copy back after the corrected a word that was added that was incorrect. Steve indicted they normally sign WFS contract and they have not gotten final to review & sign. Dawn noted that two job classifications were to be added in our last contract and weren’t added and still need to be added to this contract and she has not gotten confirmation of that. It was noted that the final contract and printing was discussed at recent E-Board meeting and that Jeff Dains and Linda O. were following up. Concern that contract was effective 1/1/2015 and we still do not have copies printed and distributed.
viii. Committee Reports:
a. Trades and Labor: No report.
b. Health and Safety (Suzanne Kocurek). Security issue addressed at Detox and corrected for start up of security system. Slips, trips and Falls campaign in process because this safety grouping has the highest number of incidences. New H&S member from Bigelow announced.
c. Member Education & Outreach –Becky M. retiring, Allan M only person on committee. Suzanne working with Allan on upcoming Saints event for 151.
d. Training Committee (Chief Stewards): Dawn working on next Union 101 training flyer scheduled for Tuesday, July 14th.
e. Ramsey County Policy Committee – Brian was going to check minutes from a year ago, he said that participation on committee was done. Suzanne indicted that this was discussed twice in two different meetings and since no money was spent over last year, that Terry H. and Suzanne K. are still attending RPC meetings on behalf of Local 151.
ix. Business Agent Update: None

x. Adjourned at 1:00 PM

Minutes provided by Suzanne Kocurek



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