Local 151: Ramsey County Community Human Services

14 June 2012 General Membership Meeting Minutes

AFSCME Local 151 General Membership Meeting
Thursday June 14, 2012
12:00 noon Room 9600 A & D
I. Call to Order: Meeting was called to order by Vice President Brian Chaffin.
II. Acceptance of Minutes from Last Meeting: Minutes from Tuesday May 22, 2012 general membership were accepted by the general membership.
III. Treasurer’s Report Treasurer Ken Franco-Hernandez presented the treasurer’s report. Ken reported that the Local will likely end the year with a modest surplus due to retracted funding for the Right-to-Work committee, and the general membership’s decision to not appropriate funds for the 2012 AFSCME International Convention. Please see Treasurer’s report for more details. .
IV. Committee Reports
A. Trades and Labor: No one from Local 151 is currently on this committee so there is no report.
B. Health and Safety: Leann Reher:
1. Work on the roof of the 160 E Kellogg Blvd building has begun; completion date depends on the weather. Until the roof is completed there is no parking in the front parking lot of the 160 E Kellogg Blvd building.
2. Property Management is looking to do work on the back parking lot at 160 E Kellogg Blvd during “off-hours” due to the number of employees that park in the lot. Watch for emails from property management with information on when various parts of are the lot are scheduled for maintenance.
3. Once case of tuberculosis (TB) was reported within the CHS waivered cases. Don Jones, Meghan Mohs and Public Health are looking at Ramsey County’s TB protocol.
4. There was a fire in the 160 E Kellogg Blvd building on Thursday 6/28/12 in a kitchenette. Floors 6, 7, and 8 were evacuated. Fire alarm system worked; people heeded the alarm and left the building.
5. Update on the lobby at 160 E Kellogg: The area that used to be referred to the as the “lobby” on 160 E Kellogg’s 4th floor has been redone and is now being referred to as the “Service Center.” The area between the “Service Center” and the exterior doors on the 4 floor, Kellogg Blvd entrance is now considered “the lobby”. Because this area has just been redone people are at times confused as to where they need to go for what. Plan is to have more signage as well as have some personnel housed in this lobby area to assist clients as they enter the building. Personnel will most likely consist of a person from property management, a deputy and an “information person”.
6. Just a reminder that if you notice anything “amiss” or have a safety concern be you can report it to the deputies.
C. Marriage Amendment: Committee Report. Kim Klose could not be present at today’s general membership meeting but sent an email update for the marriage amendment committee; see update attached to minutes.
D. Reorganized “Right to Work” Committee: Becky Montgomery. President Steve Hildebrandt has appointed member Becky Montgomery to be the Chair of the new “Right to Work” committee currently being formed (committee to be renamed to “Workers Right” committee.) President Steve Hildebrandt also plans to appoint the voting committee members as the committee develops. Becky Montgomery gave a report of the committee’s purpose, expected outcomes, time frame, ideas for strategies and activities to achieve outcomes and next steps. General membership issued no objection at today’s meeting for Becky Montgomery to move forward in forming this new Worker’s Rights Committee. Per the committee’s “next steps” a formation meeting will be scheduled to occur before the July Executive Board meeting. An invitation to this meeting will be extended to members via email; Treasurer Ken Franco and Secretary Linda Oeltjenbruns will assist in getting an email invitation for this meeting out to members. Secretary’s note: Email will be sent via personal emails, and so can only be sent to members who have provided their personal email address to an eboard or committee member in the past. If you have not provided a personal email address to the union please watch union bulletin boards for details on the date, time and place of this meeting.
V. Business Agent Update: Jeff Dains from Council 5 was sitting in for Chris Cowen today. Jeff reported that Chris is doing political work for Council 5 until November. Jeff and Joyce Carlson from Council 5 will share business agent duties for Local 151 while Chris is out.
VI. Grievance Report: No report as Terry Havican could not attend today’s meeting.
VII. Old Business:
VIII. Motion made, seconded and passed to give Local 151’s votes at AFSCME International Convention June 18-22 to Local 8’s elected delegates Allison Kelly and Rory Waller. Local 151 had elected its own delegates to attend the convention, however none of Local 151’s elected delegates plan to attend; all elected delegates notified Local 151 President of this in writing prior to today’s meeting.
IX. New Business:
A. Motion made, seconded and passed to give $300 to Ramsey County Commissioner Victoria Reinhardt’s relection campaign. Ms. Reinhardt is having an event kick-start her reelection campaign on Tuesday, June 26th, 5-7pm at Mancinni’s restaurant in St. Paul; all are welcome.
B. Motion made, seconded and passed to donate $200 toward cost of the AFSCME annual picnic. Picnic is scheduled for July 22 from 1-5pm at Battlecreek Park and is open to all AFSCME members and their families. The donation will go to Council 5 who organizes and funds the picnic.
X. Meeting adjourned.

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