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If you or one of your co-workers has been assaulted by an abusive patient at a mental-health or health-care facility, let us know. Fill out our safety survey: Let us know what happened, the extent of injuries, and management’s response.

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An active 151 Member emailed a request that we encourage members to contact Governor Dayton.  We can thank him for his leadership so far, and emncourage him to stand strong against the House and Senate "Cuts Only" plans.  This is a good idea!  She's also been gracious enought o draft us an example letter for the Governor.  Thanks!

At the 3/31/11 Lunchroom meeting, we discussed the state budget situation and proposed resolutions to the $5 billion deficit.

The proposals include:

  1. Governor Dayton's plan to solve $2.4 billion of that by making the tax code fair for all of us. The Governor proposes to add a top income tax bracket for wealthiest MInnesotans, who now currenlty pay 8-9% of their incomes in state and local taxes, while the rest of the tax brackets pay 10-12.8%. The Governor is against any further cuts to Local Government Aid, which is a big chunk of our County's budget.
  2. The Majority in the MN Legislature are proposing to solve the entire deficit with a "cuts - only" approach. This loss of funding and services will be devastating to our clientele, our communities, and our workloads. It also will lead to AFSCME layoffs.

To change the majority vote in the Legislature, we need to change 5 minds in the House and 5 minds in the Senate. After our lunchroom meeting, several of you asked for tips and talking points for calling your legislators. This article was compiled by a combination of members who attended that meeting. Read the rest of the article here.

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