I. Call to Order-Meeting called to order by Steve Hildebrandt
II. Acceptance of Minutes from Last Meeting-Accepted
III. Treasurer's Report-Treasurer, Ken Franco, treasurer, explained the worksheets that he has created and sent out to the executive board members.

IV. Committee Reports
A. Trades and Labor: No report
B. Health and Safety: Leann Reher not present
C. Social Service Committee: Becky Meyer not present

D. Labor/ Management Committee: Mary Larson brought up issue of overtime on nights and weekends by Adult mental health workers becoming a problem. This issue came up about 4 years ago and Brian C., Becky M., Dan DeHamer, and Susan Ault relegated this to a sub-committee who issued a formal policy. It was recommended here today to get management to send out a copy of this “official policy” memo to everyone. Basically, it says that if you work OT, to track it and send it in to management to be paid. Brian will find a copy of the memo and send it to Steve, Mary, and Chris Cowen as well as post it on the website. There will be a new telecommuting policy coming out soon.

V. Business Agent Update: Chris Cowen
Council 5 is closely monitoring the looming state shutdown. Highly likely that it will happen. Chris encouraged everyone to start asking questions.

VI. Grievance Report: Terry Havican Nothing new to report

VII. Old Business
A. Progressive Dues Update-This has been postponed until 2013
B. Media fund donation- Steve talked about our $15,000.00 contribution to the media fund and about the commercial. The council is asking for people to sign up to phone bank June 23rd at the council office. Contact Jon Grebner to volunteer. You can just show up too.
C. Website Domain- Brian C. will transfer the domain of the website to Mary Larson

VIII. New Business

A. New Steward Training at Council 5 July 26 & 27.
Reserve a Spot now for the next session.
Steve encouraged anyone who wants to attend to contact a chief steward.
B. GLBT Committee- Mary Larson introduced a group of members who have formed a committee to track GLBT issues and to report back information to our members. Council 5 has a history of supporting GLBT issues and we want to give our local’s support as well to this committee of members. Mary read a proclamation ( this will be posted on the website soon) and make the following motion. Mary MOTIONED that WE ACCEPT THIS PROCLAMATION AS WRITTEN. It was seconded and voted on and passed. The committee will consist of the following members Kim Klose-chair, Dawn Bacon, Tim Hammond, Mary Jo Gaskins, Kurt Koehler, Sue Ilig, and Sue Keskinen. The committee brought up the fact that there are 515 laws in Minnesota that entitle married people to certain benefits that are excluded to gay people. The committee will work on getting the word out to members on how to stop the constitutional amendment that will be on the ballot in November 2012. Brian C. explained that management has been open to extending benefits to gay partners, but cannot due so because of these current laws. The committee will monitor these issues and report back to the members. Mary Larson MOTIONED “THAT WE APPROVE UP TO $250.00 FOR A STARTUP EVENT TO ANNOUNCE THIS INITIATIVE.” The motion was seconded, approved and passed. The event posed will be a get together on the lawn giving out rainbow colored freezies.
C. Dawn Flores MOTIONED “THAT WE PAY $100.00 TO VICTORIA REINHARDT’S RE-ELECTION CAMPAIGN.” This was seconded, approved and passed.

Come to the meeting and be entered to win $10.00.

We want to remind members about the policy as of 9-98 regarding parking reimbursement for attendance at Union General Membership meetings, the second Thursday of each month at noon in Room 9600A&D. The union will reimburse members for parking to attend these meetings. A receipt should be presented to the treasurer for reimbursement.